Rectangular Carrot Cake Decoration

Posted on July 22, 2017

Rectangular Carrot Cake Decoration

Dorothy's Easy Carrot Cake | Recipetin Eats PS This recipe is made using a rectangle baking dish but it can also be made as a cake with a filling and frosting on the sides. Rectangular Carrot Cake Decoration I’ve made it both ways, but prefer it in rectangle single layer form like this because the cake is moist, it doesn’t need a filling. Plus, it is easy to cut into 16 generous pieces – harder to cut a round cake into 16 pieces. How To Decorate A Rectangular Cake | Our Everyday Life Rectangular cakes, also referred to as sheet or slab cakes, have a variety of decoration potential due to their shape and size. Their large surface area gives you more space to write messages, draw pictures or create elaborate frosting designs than square or round cakes.

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